What to say

It’s been a crazy week.

Yes, we’ve had the usual M antics: pushing boundaries, not doing his daily chores, etc. However, we’ve seen the responsible M, asking the right questions and amazing us.

We ran the 5k this weekend at the local park. Ok, I mostly walked. He watched and challenged our friends’ 7 year old, who really wanted to finish so badly he put his health at risk… walking then sprinting (and repeat), daring his asthma and allergies to overtake him. It didn’t. His mom and I caught up with them by taking a “shortcut” and made him take a breathing treatment.

But, the boys did an amazing job, considering. So did I, considering this was the first 5k since breaking my foot, and the first J has tried to run since twisting/spraining her ankle last month – we finished @ 44 minutes. Horrible time, but I will say, it felt good.

M and a friend took off for a skate park with his friend’s dad, and I enjoyed Dirty Franks with my fellow racers, before shopping for new dress shirts (and eventually saying “no,” to them due to insane lines – no deals worth that).

My allergies have been horrific. I ended up napping yesterday until a caffeinated M came bursting into the house. It felt so good, but so bad when I jolted awake.

Today is Carnival Day at M’s school. I have to pick him up early for a psych appointment. Tomorrow, who knows what the kids are doing, and Thursday is 8th Grade Graduation, and I leave for Athens. (I was supposed to leave Wednesday, but couldn’t, since M had graduation at 10am. So, instead, I’m going to miss most of the conference and probably a couple board meetings. THIS SUCKS.)

Anyway, family is more important.

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