We had a visit this weekend from my parents. I cherish the time we get to spend together, and that they get to spend with M.

The transformation M has when his grandfather comes to visit is just amazing. I wish I had that kind of relationship with M.  As soon as Gpa came through the door, they were chasing each other through the house and giggling. Suddenly it was like Gpa was 30 years younger, and chasing me around the farmhouse. Reminded me, too, of when the cousins would all get together and get the youngest in giggle-mode (which probably still isn’t that hard).

Good news: M’s friends with the 2 moms will be staying in the neighborhood. One mom (and the boys) will be about 6 houses down from us, and the other (and the girls) will stay in the old house, 2 blocks away. I am so glad they get to all stay near their friends and their schools. (AND I won’t lose the resources!)

Anyway – it was a great weekend. Even Saturday, which was muggy and filled with my being a +1 to an outdoor wedding reception (which, turned out, I knew the ladies who got married), followed by dinner with old alumni friends.

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