First day of school

I wish I could silence T’s negative, depression-fueled rage-inducing commentary.

This morning went exceptionally well, up until the time (just before leaving) that I said I wanted to get a first day of school picture.

Sir Depression said “do you really think anybody cares?” grabbing his coffee and heading for the door, as I tried to ensure the lights were turned out and everyone had their bags.

“You don’t have to be an ass about it,” (yes, sometimes I need to keep my own mouth shut.)

T was practically running for the car, and dropped his coffee money. M was arguing about who he would ride with, and while distracted, I picked up the cash and  locked up the house without grabbing my own stuff. As I was locking the door, I started asking M why he was insisting that he wanted to ride with me and not T. (It had already been decided T was taking M to school.)

“Get in the fucking car,”  T yelled.

So, no picture, and now, because of this new urgency, I had to get out of his way. (I was parked behind them.)

I get halfway to work, and realize I’d forgotten my coffee, so I sped back home to get it, only to find window blinds open and lights still on. I closed up the house and turned off the lights, grabbed my coffee and jumped in the car. And then my coffee spilled all over me. Twice.

Happy first day of school. I hope yours (and M’s) goes smoother than mine.

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