made it through another one

Holy cheeses, this quarter was rough. Never, ever, EVER schedule two studio classes while working full-time, and take two vacations during the quarter. Bad, bad idea.

But, I made it through… 4.0 GPA ruined, though, sadly. I feel like if I’d just worked a little harder at BotCon, I might’ve made it through. Instead, I ended up with a 3.89, cumulative. That’s two A’s and an A-minus. Yes, minus. Disappointing. It’s the little grade that couldn’t.

My application is still in academic review, but I should be able to start calling the department office tomorrow to check in. I’m scared. REALLY scared. I know they said the only reason I didn’t get in was because they weren’t sure if I could handle the courses, which didnt make sense given my >3.5 GPA in grad classes my senior year of undergrad, but I did what they asked and took some more grad classes in the program. And, in those 3 classes, I got a 3.89 GPA. So, based on that criteria, I should be in.

However, I also rewrote my resume a little, and also changed my letter of intent to reflect the fact that I am not seeking funding, I’ll be going part-time, and desire to complete a project thesis instead of a written one. This makes me nervous, because I changed two of the variables that are involved in admission.

But, we’ll see.

I’m already signed up for classes this summer. One meets 3x per week for 10 weeks, over lunch, and is not a project or studio class, just a lot of reading and reporting (software engineering). The other is a design seminar (supposedly much reading/reporting as well), but meets only 5 weeks, twice per week, and is taught by a professor whom I respect, but is also very intimidating. He’s also the grad admissions chair in the design department. Do poorly by him, and you will never get in. And, he’s in my desired discipline. *shudder*

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