New Year Resolutions

I have a few goals for the next year. This year’s goals were to get into the grad program I picked, eat healthier, and lose some weight. I did eat healthier, I did try to get into the program (but failed), and I did lose the weight (which I gained back again, twice).

This time, eating healthier is still a goal. Cooking 5 nights/week, too. Losing the weight is absolutely a goal, but doing it right will be a key. Paying off my truck and paying down my debts are high on the list, and of course there are tasks around the house, like finishing the garage siding, the curtains, and testing the floor refinishing system on the hall closet.

Summer brings extra goals, like taking Nala to meet my extended family, buying a new car, and getting into aforementioned grad program. I’ll also be making decisions regarding changing my name, estate planning, and additional family benefits at work.

Once the extra family arrives, of course, I’ll have another full set of goals, which include cooking for the entire clan, and making sure we gather for family dinner nightly.

So there are my preliminary goals for the next year. I’d like to do more, of course, but if all those fall into place, I’ll be busy enough.

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