Ice cream and no homework…

I wasn’t there to prod M into doing his homework, and so, it was not done. His teacher sent him home with a book, a note, and list of what needed done. He did none of it.

“I didn’t know what page.”

She emailed today, that she did indeed write the page number down, on a post it, in his book which he brought home.

At least he brought it home.

He didn’t do any of the work due yesterday, though, which I found out through email, so he’ll be making that up today. Gave him $2 to print it (4x the amount needed).

SO much to remind him of.

Yesterday was such a long day. It was nice to be out, but I was out too long. Golf meeting after work, college friend in town after that meeting. There was ice cream. I am a total disaster this morning.

Today, I have to figure out a quick dinner followed by working on the van, and then another conference call.

At work, I’m trying to follow up with the counseling agency who called me over a week ago to ask for info, and then never called back.

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