Summer wind-down (or up)

MB vacation was nice. Definitely could’ve used a few more days of peace and quiet, but that’s what happens when you join a party of 42 extended family for a week at the beach. And fry your cell phone on the first day. And promise your kid amusement park time, 3 hours away. And end up with a 2 hour detour through the mountains because the Interstate is closed.

The good: M got more bonding time with family. We got more family photos. We all got some sun and rest. I got 4 hours of good solid conversation with my son, alone, in the car to Carowinds.

Now we’re all back to work (aside from M) and trying, frantically, to get our lives back together before autumn. I’ve asked my parents again, if they’ll take M for a few days, so we can get some painting/reno done and catch up on “us” time. We’ve got almost everything ready for company Aug 30, but none of us are motivated for the annual cookout. T wants to forego it altogether. I want to have a chill experience and whatever will be, will be.

Retaining wall is picked. We’ll have to move/remove some plants, which we knew. We’ve got to pot those temporarily. Also, the weeds are out of control. OMG. So much to do!

I still need to get M to Kings Island, and we figure we’ll hit CP some weekend in Sept/Oct. However, I’m already booked 2 weekends in both.

My vacation for Sept/Oct and Aug 30 is already approved, so that’s lovely.

So much to do! And back to school shopping. UGH. Fights anticipated again – no you can’t wear your underwear on the outside.

And BROKE. Stupid parking pass jumped $400, plus $150 for the new cell, and $10 more/mo for the service.

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