Back to School Blues, 2014

While M had really started to stress out about school over a week ago, I hadn’t. It’s just that thing that happens. We buy clothes, and shoes, and that’s the way it goes. Besides, this year we were looking at a very different school year! 10 kids per class, 2 teachers in the class, for all academic classes. Hooray!

That is, until last night, when we had freshman orientation at the school. M got his schedule. Wait, who’s that teacher? That’s not his teacher? Jesus, scheduling problems AGAIN? It’s so easy to jump to “everything sucks” mode when there’s been so much fighting with the schools. But, we talked to the assistant principal, and he said call the guidance counselor. Which I did.

The science class we think M was incorrectly placed in was a “co-teaching” class with a regular ed teacher, a special ed assistant, and a special ed teacher, but not M’s special ed teacher. With 25 kids. “Oh, but it works really well!” Dude, you don’t have my kid. My kid is an instigator/troublemaker. All attention must be on him at all times, to the detriment of everyone trying to teach. The reason we placed him here was the assurance that he’d be in a classroom with <= 10 students and 2 teachers for all academic classes. “Well, [M’s teacher] is teaching a different science class this year, and you’ll have to talk to him.”

I’m angry and beat down. Of course they lied. That’s what they do. The IEP coordinator is no longer the IEP coordinator, so we can’t even complain there.

“You know, he’s not going to last the year,” T said. I scowled. I refuse to be defeated before that time comes.

Transportation is way behind schedule in assigning buses. We *might* get a postcard by the end of the week. Right now, we’ve resolved ourselves to having to drop him at school on the way to work, to keep our sanity.

Four more school years. *sigh*

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