Still brewing…

Still not much time for writing.

I’m still trying to muddle through this quarter, working full time and taking two graduate classes, one of which is eating my time faster than any previous course, aside from my database class, which ate it all up at the end of the quarter last summer.

For my final in this hungry, hungry class, I’m gathering research regarding how students, faculty, and staff interact with registration systems, advisors, and course catalogs. My goal this week was to come up with a research plan with concrete deliverables by the end of the quarter, realizing that I will be out of the office for 9 days this month, and missing two weeks of class. The final deliverable is due (“final exam”) June 5.

Discovering that both my professors know my friend Verena, and that Verena is teaching my field of study now, and that other acquaintances of mine have been down this road before (and are also teaching in the field) — and one of whom went down the exact path I’m planning to take, makes me feel really good about what I’m planning.

So, now I’m no longer worried so much about getting into the one program, but the other (joint) program is scary. Apparently, even with my studies not taking the traditional “design” route, I must also still deliver a portfolio.

All of my friends and acquaintances, and some of my fellow students, and my professors, have indicated that I need to make appointments to speak with three specific professors before I finish my application. Excuse me? When? Ah, the life of a grad student!

I have to say, I remember the days when I would email Kristy to hang out and she would say “not now! can’t! too busy!” and I would think, “What, it’s just class!” Now I know the rest of the story.

So, next week, I need to make appointments to see three professors, get my eyes checked, and … wait a minute. I don’t have time next week, since I’m going to an alumni conference. Frak! Well, I guess I’ll have to try to make time.

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