Stress induced updating…

Well, I emailed four professors about my plans for research and grad school, and two have emailed me back. I call that a win, so far, albeit a scary win. One prof is my professor from last quarter, in my #1 most desired program. The other is my professor for whom I’ve begun the research plan in my class this quarter, in my #2 program. Ideally, I’d get into the joint program, but that involves schmoozing with yet another professor who intimidates the hell out of me (and, I just got permission from work to go hear speak next month.)

Also on the agenda for this week is finishing up the final draft of my research plan, which I’ll be presenting to all the professors, and as part of my hell class. I’ve never spent so much time on a single document, and it is killing me, the same way house projects kill me. I get caught up in ALL of the effects of EVERY thing on everything else, and paralyzed by overanalysis. I seem to not be able to find any middle ground.

Thirdly, this is a short work week, and I’m behind on a project that’s due Wednesday. I’m also not feeling well, and hoping that it’s just due to the allergies, stress, bad eating, and the nosebleeds I had this morning. Thursday, I head to my alma mater for an alumni leadership conference, and (as a surprise to me) a day filled with seminars at the communications school. Hopefully, I’ll get to talk to my friend Beth, who’s an interactive design prof there.

Lastly, a couple weeks ago, I found myself applying to be on the student senate. Elections started last Friday and end this Friday. So far, I have at least two votes, and I am up against two other candidates, both of whom said something to the effect of “GO TEAM!” in their statements. Those are the folks I always vote against, so I’m hoping in grad school, folks ignore the team hype, misspellings, and bad grammar, but I don’t hope it so much as to hope that I actually get elected.

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