More reflection, etc.

So everything’s been going more or less as expected.

As I did not copy my mom on aforementioned email, my uncle saw fit to call her and ask about it. She said “I figured I knew everything in it, so he didn’t need to copy me.” Both aunts emailed me back with nice emails (one with more questions), and two cousins emailed me back with “can’t wait to meet him” notes. And two more cousins friended me on Fb.

T decided to finish the upstairs bathroom with … shall we say … more work than we bargained for, but it’s going to be kind of fab. It’s pushing back the knee surgery, and the home study, but he’s moving forward. I ordered the light fixtures for both bathrooms to match the rest of the downstairs, and picked up 2 sconces as well. These can be put wherever, once the time comes. The new vanity will run about $350 incl faucets and parts, and I think the new toilet will be about $200. Then, towels, towel bars, and such to match. I also want to get some of those cupboard drawers for the cubby so we can better utilize that space.

Me? Well. It’s odd. Really odd. I have lost all motivation. All fire. All I want to do is sleep. I’ve had a cold for (maybe more than) a couple weeks, and I HOPE that is what is driving me down.  Gotta shake this thing, get back to work, and get cleaning out the basement. Every day I heap more and more onto my list and I still cant push through to even get the simplest thing done.

Today, doc appointment, and ditch the iPhone. Saving $60 or more per month. Yes, that much. Hopefully, a friend of mine can get his own fixed, and I can keep mine (or sell it for $250 on eBay, or trade it for an iPod touch), but if not, I agreed to sell it to him for the cost of my early termination fee.

Tonight, grocery store, and get back on my weight loss schedule, do laundry, and clean up the kitchen which has been taunting me daily. Package up the X-10 home automation crap to send to a friend of a friend in Kentucky, and start cleaning out my boxes of misc crap in the basement. It’s time to get movin.

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