a little more motivation, a little more action

Well, imagine that. I start feeling a bit better, and lay off the “DM” meds, and I’m almost back to normal by Monday. Still fighting a bit of something, but I’m done with the antibiotics. I’m taking the allergy meds and the mucinex-clone.

I even started cleaning the stove. And cooked dinner last night. And got (most of) my emailing done.

There’s plenty left to do today, but I’m off the hook for the alumni meeting tonight. I need to redo my calendar and make sure I’ve got all my meetings down and tasks completed.

Also, I entered the neighborhood chili cookoff this weekend, and it went really well. I didn’t win, but votes were $1 and the couple next to me added an additional $20 votes to theirs and won 1st and 2nd place. All’s fair in charity donations, so I’m not too upset. I found out yesterday I did really well anyway.

That said, today, I registered for the local market’s fiery foods cookoff. The only thing I need to do is to add 3 ingredients from the market and show a receipt. The winning chili gets $100 gift certificate, and runner up gets $50! How cool is that? So, this will be my second public chili cookoff! Exciting! They only allow 15 entrants, and I’m the last one… and only about 100 folks judge. I was told to bring “a big crockpot full, however much that is” and not to worry about bringing too much, “it will get eaten.”

The bathroom is looking awesome. We’re trying to decide on a floor and wall color. That’ll happen tonight or tomorrow. Then, we get to pull out the existing linoleum, patch the subfloor, and lay new tile. Then, on the next dry day, we bring home the vanity and toilet, patch some grout in the shower, and we should be good to go within a week.

Oh, and I’m now friends with 5 cousins  and 2 aunts on Facebook. That’s kind of awesome.

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