Been a week

Not a bad week, but a week. Not so good at keeping up.

Lots going on at work, and my turn to cook, so limited time at home. Meetings meetings meetings. Followups on schools. Followups on counseling (gotta remember to call both a high school and a counselor today.)

It’s been a good week. No real arguments, and some genuinely good discussions. BUT, it’s scary. Whenever your kid has nothing to report/everything’s quiet, that usually means there’s something you’re not hearing about.

Saturday, I’m carpooling with some college friends to another friend’s 40th birthday celebration. There will be laser tag. There will be much pain and suffering afterwards, since we are all overweight and out of shape. There will be food and (probably) drinks afterward. And talks re: parenthood and alumni.

Saturday is also the (first?) Neighborhood Yard Sale. We are not selling. It’s supposed to rain, too, which sucks.

M has about 3 days worth of “blizzard bags” to do. He is a little more concerned than usual, and that’s good. He’s been staying up later at night, thinking we don’t notice. He’ll notice on Saturday when I delay his going out for the 3 hours that he’s cost me in sleep this week.

I really wanted to write about something completely different, but I’ll put that in another post. For now, this is a weekly update of good stuff.

Monday, we up M’s meds to the new dose.

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