Well, we made it to Friday.

M’s grades are down (WAY down). His attitude toward school is sucking. He “forgot” about helping T with cleanup Wednesday after school, so we spent the better part of 2 hours trying to track him down. When he finally came home (in time for dinner) he had no remorse, no excuse. Until I asked “what are you going to do to make it right?” He cleaned the downstairs bathroom with WAY more care than expected. It was greatly appreciated.

Yes, he was mouthy. Yes, he was put off. But, he did it, and did more than he was asked.

I met with a few people re: some neighborhood crime. That went well.

The house is drying out well.

I had a really great conference call with some fundraising folks (for my volunteer work) and we’ve had a great follow-up day today.

Work is good… really hoping for an uneventful evening with pizza and TV, followed by about a 12 hour sleepathon. Zzzz.

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