Oh, it’s definitely a full moon

Yesterday, the fights began. Fights over clothes. Fights over skating. Fights (and lying) over singing in the choir concert which was half his grade. Fights over dinner. Fights over dirty pants. Fights over control of his wardrobe. Bedtime. Homework. Making an effort.

This morning, they continued. He’d emptied the house of all juices and non-milk beverages. “Can I have ice cream for breakfast?”


“You still need to buy me jeans.”

“How so?”

“Well, I’m down 4 pair.”

“No you’re not.”

“The blue pair that had the button ripped out, the gray pair that the seat ripped out, the gray pair that has the holes, and that other blue pair that the pocket ripped out.”

“The blue pair with the button was to replace the blue pair with the ripped out pocket. The gray pair with the ripped out seat was to replace the blue pair with the button. The gray pair with the holes replaced the ripped out seat pair. And I replaced THAT pair with the camo pair. You still have 7 pairs of jeans.”

“Not that I like.”

“Well, you picked them out. You can buy your next pair with your money.”

“So, you’re saying I have to wear shorts?”


“You’re saying you’re not going to buy me clothes?”

“I’m saying we bought you clothes, which you picked out. I’m not buying you any more.”

“Well, I’m not going to school, then.”

UGH. So, after putting on a pair of shorts…

“Do you want to take your blizzard bag packet to school, to work on it with the tutors?”


“Do you know why I ask?”


“I’m asking because the assignment is long, and it’s one of the few issues you have listed in your IEP for extra help.”

“Well –” (stops abruptly) “nevermind!”

(walking to the car) “I’m just saying, that’s one of the tasks they can help you with.”

“You don’t know anything. Ms. M says as long as we start the page and make an effort, we get credit.”

“We all know that your ‘making an effort’ isn’t really making an effort. She can tell when you’re not putting in effort.”

“Well, that’s all I’m doing.”

“Do you understand why I’m concerned? You’re flunking. This affects your future.”

“You think it’s so easy, then you do it.”

“Why would I do it?”

“I don’t think you can.”

“I don’t think YOU can. You turn in blank work and then expect to get a good grade. If you put in the effort, you get a good grade.”

(jumps out of the car at the bus stop)

“Have a good day! Get lots done!”

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