The resolution

Yesterday, while I was at work, M was driving T crazy. He started by explaining (lying) that his choir teacher didn’t want him there for the concert. “I got in trouble today. She said I can write a paper, instead.” (We all know she knows he is incapable of writing a paper, so it was suspect…)

We called around, and eventually, I reached his homeroom teacher, who talked to the choir teacher, who confirmed he was lying. I called home. M was in the middle of an argument with T, but answered the phone. I said “so, you tried to lie about Choir, huh? Well, you got caught.” ‘No, I didn’t. I didn’t lie. She said I needed to stay home and write a paper instead.’ (T was on the other extension.) “M, I just texted with her, she said ‘Nice try.'”

“Well, I’m going to skate with C up to school before the concert.”

“Ok. You should clean up and put your uniform on.”

“I’m NOT WEARING the pants. We don’t have to.”

“Yes, you do.”


“M, you do. You always do. It’s a uniform. Email from Ms. W says you do.”


(his friend C is in the room. M & T have already battled over the pants)

T chimes in, “If you refuse to wear them, we have another problem.”

“M, I have to hang up. See you tonight. Goodbye.”

Meanwhile, M & T come to a suitable compromise. Take the uniform, change when you get there.

The concert was great. The kids were greatly improved. Still sad that M didn’t take the solo. C’s mom was there, and we met her, finally. The boys were happy when they got out. We gave M the choice of skating home or ice cream (which we usually get after a performance). He chose skating. We got ice cream.

He really had a great time. The boys looked great together, on their boards, leaving the school. C’s mom told us what a great kid he is, so polite. We laughed.

All in all, despite the arguments, it was still a good day.

We had another discussion about school and summer (and summer school). It started off poorly, but M took it well, eventually, when everyone calmed down. Once we voiced the “why” along with the “what,” and the “what if’s,” he understood.

He said, “I really want to go to GS. Can’t we just try it to see if it works?”

“Well, our fear is, what happens if it doesn’t work? We’re touring W to see what they’re like, so we can make an informed decision. You’ve got the LAST spot at W if we decide to send you there, but if you do poorly at GS, you will end up in one of the worst neighborhoods in town, back in public.”


“We don’t want to have you bussed across town. You don’t want to have to get up earlier and not get home until 6pm.”

“What about C? (another REALLY good school)”

“You’re #300 on a waiting list for that one. We tried, kiddo. This is why we have to check out W, even though we like GS. And we’re worried about your ability to thrive at GS, given your 8th grade performance. That’s why we’re looking at summer school – one last effort to help get you ready.”


“Do you get it?”

“Yeah. Do we have ice cream?”

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