In Tune

Later in the day, I got a text message from M’s teacher.

“This is what I’m dealing with today. <picture of M with his head down on his desk>. Says he’s tired and doesn’t feel good. Has a bad headache. Any chance you could bring tylenol or something?”

30 minutes later, I get to the school and he’s sitting, waiting in the lobby, noticeably stoic. I say hello, hand him his pills, and he goes back to class.

I know he hasn’t been sleeping well, and it’s a full moon. I also checked the side effects of the drug he’s now on, and of course, it can mess with your sleep and make you sleepy. We just upped his dose on Sunday, so this could very well be the culprit.

I’m tempted to bump him back down to a single dose per day to see if it has an effect, since this sleep business started on Sunday.

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