4 days of arguing

Last night wasn’t really a change. More denial of his need to study/do homework. “Can you just stop talking?” he asked.

“No, because we don’t think you realize the hole you’re digging for yourself.”

Bottom line, we managed to (finally) voice our concerns again, which he understood. He took the advice to heart (as much as we’ve learned to expect) and we’re approaching it the same as his other habits (tooth brushing, rubber bands, cleaning litterboxes) in that we’ll remind him, daily. We also pointed out that he has, quite literally, hours to do play, even if he takes the small amount of time to study/do homework. We will (M and I) work together on reminding each other.

My nights are blending together. We’re all seemingly on the edge of being sick (well, T is full blown ill), and we’re not sure how much is allergies. M and I are DRAGGING. After our discussions last night, we went in the kitchen to get dessert, and I took M aside and asked if he was doing ok (distant, irritable, tired). He told me he’s been really tired for days, not sleeping well, and had a sore throat every morning, and headache for a couple days. I told him that he should take just a dose of Nyquil before bed to help his nose and sore throat. (He didn’t complain).

We’ve bumped M’s meds back down a notch, to see if it makes a difference in his not-sleeping, and irritability. Crossing my fingers.

Next week, we’re meeting with the W school, to see how they’ll manage his behaviors, and his IEP. I’ve got to meet with the team from the other school, as well, to allay some (very real) concerns.

This week has slipped away from me. I’ve got a conference call at 4pm, that I’m NOT looking forward to, but is necessary. I’d rather go home and hug my kid.

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